Obamacare 2019-2020 Subsidy Calculator

Affordable Care Act News:

  • Tips to Getting the Largest Subsidy Possible

    Saving money on health insurance is easier under the Affordable Care Act thanks to the premium tax credits offered on the marketplace. Also known as subsidies, tax credits help lower your monthly premium while making insurance even more affordable. Most people qualify for some type of assistance under the new law, but it can be… Continue

  • What is a subsidy?

    When the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010, healthcare became more affordable to millions of Americans. Not only did the new healthcare law drive down the cost of health insurance by offering more options to the public, but it also created a system of federal cost assistance to make buying insurance easier… Continue

  • Average Subsidy Amounts

    For millions of Americans who couldn’t afford health insurance in the past, federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act make it possible to pay for monthly premiums that might otherwise be beyond the scope of a normal budget. According to a report issued by government officials in June 2014, approximately 87 percent of enrollees on… Continue

  • 5 ways you can save money on health insurance

    The Affordable Care Act has made it possible for people to save thousands of dollars a year on the cost of insurance, but even low-cost options can be a burden for individuals and families alike with tight monthly budgets. From monthly premiums to co-pays, shelling out hundreds of dollars for medical care and insurance can… Continue